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The program will offer each idea presented on the site, all stages of development until the level when the idea becomes part of reality
Joker about collective creativity

Joker: "The ideas lie in the heart of everything that surrounds us. How does our creative consciousness work? We consciously and subconsciously as a sponge absorb everything, like the computer saves everything, and distribute. And our consciousness if there is a base for search of any creative decision, having counted all options, gives the optimum version of the decision in the form of the integral idea. The world changes by means of such decisions. However, are there a lot of those who can give full freedom to the imagination when our minds are busy only with a survival routine? If someone also thinks up something interesting, the money and the time there will be necessary at once and usually it's impossible. Therefore our consciousness does not give us anything interesting, original to protect us from the similar stress (causing conflicts with the relatives, a depression, etc.) - only the dry, checked by all pragmatic decisions.

One more reason of limiting the scope of our imagination is requirements of the market aimed at the mass buyer with orientation to mass production and a guaranteed payback. Alas, these factors limit and redirect searching of the original ideas, which will be able to change something to the checked and accepted how everything is arranged.

We never learn what ideas we have inside ourselves if we do not give absolute vent to our creative imagination. We will not change the reality and the world to the best, because all this lies in the potential of our ideas, our grown bolder imagination.

Therefore, we begin our creators' movement with the program of the collective creativity, which creates an opportunity for the realization of any potentially interesting, original idea regardless of its scope or radicalism. If the people support the idea, everything will become real. We hope to create a prerequisite for a release of our consciousness from pragmatism fetters with the help of this web platform. We create a huge group of mutual support at realization of the ideas where all obviously agree to work for each other and believe in the idea, in its future as partners. We create very flexible, many-sided service suitable for any idea.

Our mission is to inspire for courageous creative thoughts, the trust to yourself, in what it seems impossible, in big fulfillments and change of everything to the best. Because it is our world eventually, we created it and we can do with it everything, what we want. Think, imagine what you would like to change, what improvement to introduce, form your ideas and give them a chance to be realized, inviting others to work with you.

Let's unite in the creativity and we will take our future in our hands!

How it works?
The program will offer each idea presented on the site, all stages of development until the level when the idea becomes part of reality. The program includes the participation of two categories of participants: the Initiator and the Participant.
The Initiator is a person proposing a project and inviting everyone to participate and support.
The participant is a person who supports the project with his professional
On this site, each idea can acquire the form of a peculiar movement for its
implementation - from the formation of a creative team to the relationship with the investors.
Initiator - the author of the original idea, opens the page of the project and then he presents his project (general description: Mission and How it works) and addresses to the public, offers to support: give a voice, express an opinion (text and / or video as an appeal of the support group to the public). The support of famous people and the opinion of specialists is also important.
The initiator comes to the Presentation of the project with outputs in sectors that
the author himself calls at his discretion, and these names are arranged in the content on the Presentation page of the project with a small speech of the author. When naming a sector and then pressing, a page opens for the subject presentation of the material.

The participant enters the Project Presentations and, within the framework of his
profession or in general, studies the proposed projects. In case of interest, makes a
counter offer for participation. In addition, on the main page gives an assessment of the project, a substantive assessment, writes or speaks about itself and gives a conjectural assessment of its contribution to the idea.

The initiator in each professional sector negotiates and invites selected potential
team members to the work shop (which is divided into sectors: for each individual
specialty of participants and in general, where the whole team can gather and offer the result of the work done).
Also from the Initiator's main page there is an exit to work shops, where there
will be the work of all specialists and where they can work together and coordinate their contribution to the project.
Building a project team involves three main categories (access to the Team sector and then you can see the options):
- Development team (the team that will work on the development of the proposed concept);
- Business team (the team will work on the business plan of the project);
- Presentation team (the team will work on further professional presentation of the project).
The initiator can collect all sectors at once or in stages. Also within the sector, he/she will be able to immediately gather the necessary specialists or connect them in gradually.
Each category of development has its own number: 1, 2, 3 and the symbol of a
spinning clown cap with three sleeves and bells of three colors. As a certain category is connected, the sleeve and the bell are painted in their own color (first half, then completely). If all work together - they are also painted (half in the process and completely at the project's readiness).

Each time a project is under development, an appropriate stage is assigned - 1, 2, 3. The initiator in the Presentation determines the development stages under the number and on the project page will dispay the one on which the project is at that specific moment.
The initiator also decides at what stage to present the project for public support.
In the Presentation, the Initiator receives a selection according to the nature of the
presentation: Public; Public and Team; Team when exiting to the Public, the initiator
will be able to choose at any level of project development.

The overall implementation of projects on the site involves three levels:
Realization Implementation 1.2.3. (Realization 1, 2, 3):
- R1. Team (project development, preparation for the next level of development).
- R2. Contractors (invitation of certain companies, businesses and organizations of other profiles for the further implementation of the project for payment with possible discounts).
- R3. Investors (project presentation for investors, which in turn may be general, national or local).
Each of these levels is marked with a certain color (the whole clown cap is
painted with a certain color: most likely red, yellow and green).
The spectator or potential participant, entering the program of collective
creativity and wanting to see projects, can choose any stage of development (in the event that a certain stage is open for public viewing).
- The Initiator can also have its own categories: when entering the Initiator, the site user gets a choice to initiate:
- The Idea (described);
- The Problem (the initiator may designate the problem and invite other Initiators/Participants to generate ideas/solutions);
- The Topic (the proposal of a certain general (artistic, philosophical, etc.) conceptual direction, to which other Initiators/Participants are also invited, who can be inspired by such a proposal).
In accordance with this provision, the user, by clicking on the Project direction, receives a choice: Initiator or Participant. Clicking the Initiator, he/she gets a choice: Ideas; Problems; Topics. And already in each of these sectors can choose from the Initiator/Participant (going to Problems or Topics) or simply the Initiator (and suggest an idea or designate a problem or topic).
For each sector, the program will offer a specific presentation format:
1. Opening speech.
2. General description (basic principles).
3. How it works (a more detailed presentation of the project).
4. Projection of a possible future (project).
5. Implementation plan.
6. Appeal to specialists / potential team members.
7. Final appeal.

Each page (the Initiator and the Participant) has an exit to the work shop, where the Initiator of collective creativity can work with team members. The page is divided into two parts with a gap in the center (horizontal or vertical): on one side - the Initiator, on the other - the project participants. In the center there is a place for general work or contracts.

If a project carries an international element, team members (at the level of the presentation team) can be national and city ambassadors of the project, people or companies that will represent the local management of the project. When defining a team member, the Initiator distributes - "individual" or "company".

If the project has the potential to become a network of businesses or events, etc., the program will offer a JPS card and, depending on the definition of the author or the initiative (three-level) project team, the territorial exclusivity of distribution by region is indicated. For example, the authors of the project determine the distance of the proposed exclusive presence (a certain number of city blocks, etc.)

Depending on the nature of initiation, a network of representatives is determined:
national, regional, municipal. And if national - already under them representatives by
states, cities (if any). If a representative is selected by language or a nationwide region,
then the Region and the Nation will be displayed, etc. Depending on the nature of the
project, the distance of the exclusiveness is becoming more and more concrete.
Accordingly, each project participant will be able to create his own creative team
on his Participant page and work with them as an Initiator, adding the word "initiator" to
the definition of "participant".
Each of the pages also offers to go to a public presentation of an idea or another
form of initiation and support the implementation of projects: opinion; debates "pros and
cons", the opportunity to become an online ambassador of the project (on this site and
on other social sites), companies can offer products from the project's logo and
implement, deducting a certain percentage of the profits to the project budget, also have
the opportunity to donate to the budget development, etc.

The participant on the main page of the site reports the nature of his activities
and determines the intentions to take part in the development of projects, receives a
choice in accordance with the personal informative source. The participant is invited to
choose: industry; national region (etc.) or international search; levels of project
development. All this in color and symbols. By authors, topics, etc.
The participant also fills out a working questionnaire of a potential partner, where
he answers a number of questions defining his personal and work preferences (the
questionnaire must be compiled by experts). The initiator is also asked to fill in a similar
questionnaire for potential partners for a more accurate search. And the two parties
receive offers with a level of potential interest and fruitfulness of the working
relationship. ("The program of potential fruitfulness of relationships" should be
prepared separately.)
We invite you to become our partner
and help us with project's realization
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