My name is Samvel Bozaunts. I called the idea for this project: JOKER REPUBLIC: GAME of CreACTivisme. (working title for which the contest will be announced)

The idea was born as a result of a conversation with friends, where statistics were discussed growing with each new generation related to the addiction of young people from drugs, as well as other self-destructive activity. The conversation took place in 98, at that time I was a Russian gangster in New York. Then I thought that if a young man discovers his talents as soon as possible and helps others to realize it, by making this point such a person(as me) will not do anything that could disrupt such a healthy happy development, endanger the own future and lose that true sense of harmony and the happiness by doing what he loves. In an effort to create such conditions for everyone, the idea of an "Internet" republic was formed over time.

After about two months, I was arrested and after 4 years of pre-trial detention I was sentenced to 22 years in prison. In prison, I made myself to get into intellectual and spiritual development, I devoted my time and energy by working on the "Internet of the Republic" project, in which I saw the possibility of its full implementation. Insulation is the flow of life, emerging on the other side of the fence has created conditions for abstract thinking when you can ask the formation of the optimal version of the solution of certain problems, giving your imagination complete freedom.
At this moment, a year after my release, I intend to initiate a contest for such idea, in order to produce the best version of the project and develop my idea with a fair chance. In this regard, I would like to invite everyone who decides to support me in this project and bring their knowledge and creative skills to the organization. The "Internet" of self-sufficient equal opportunities societies. Competition, which in itself will lay an irreversible process by improving our reality.

Let's start the dialogue. If we will take a stand and promote the contest, and provide the motivation for such hope in people and change our life for the better, achievement of the ultimate goal will be irreversible.

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